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The Archangel Gabriel has taken a private curiosity within the younger Texas boy; the boy whose dad says God created Texans simply because he wanted those that cherished Texas to fill it up with. that's not why God created Texans. The boy is aware that. God additionally created ants. The boy is scared of them; particularly the massive person who ate Bethe.


I comprehend of a spot. It’s no longer very great. It’s within the center, in advance of you get to the center of hearts. There’s a bit antechamber there the place unsavory intentions assemble and linger and linger—for irrespective of how difficult they need and check out to, they can not input the center of hearts, I’m beautiful yes of that; a minimum of a few of the time.

This is the little padded room from the place, they say—I learn this someplace now not see you later ago—where they are saying that if suggestions might kill, we'd de-people (if no longer de-life fullyyt) our planet in a question of months.
This is additionally where the place I usually reside nowadays. I name it my grizzly position, occasionally I name it my frightening position, or my darkness. this can be from the place i can't support myself. yet at once i'm really not there, right away I’m lucid.


Some carry that we have been created at the 4th day, yet this isn't so. We weren't created. None people have been. We have been all one with Michael, who was once as God, and whom a few name Sabbathiel. We had no longer wings then. Nor had we our bodies. We easily were.


Dad says God created Texans simply because he wanted those who loved Texas to fill it up with. i've got no thought what he’s conversing approximately. What’s there to not like? There’s no larger position in the world. There’s no finish to Texas. the remainder of the realm, and that comes with Africa—which can be a desolate tract as massive as an ocean known as the Sahara Desert—could near to slot in our again backyard, the place
we have plenty of ants.

Some days my grizzly position is crawling with them—with ants, no longer Texans—and then I start to itch and that i pour fuel on them and strike a fit to them and spot them scurry and fry and flee and depart, them all, apart from the crispy ones which lie the wrong way up and twitch for your time with their little charred and wispy legs sooner than they cease twitching and die and scent undesirable like anything Mother’s left too lengthy within the oven, while she begins swearing and pop starts off swearing too for now it’ll be your time earlier than dinner’s prepared, she’s received to think about whatever else she says, and why does she need to do every thing, besides, whereas she slips on these immense eco-friendly and yellow and purple the following and there oven mitts and pulls that burnt and smoking and stinky factor out of the oven and tosses it into the rubbish with a tremendous fats thud and one other swear notice or and a few mutter mutter which I don’t particularly make out besides it, the place it nonetheless smells of smoke and hearth, even though it doesn’t scent of gas, like lifeless ants do, whereas Dad returns to pretending to learn the paper.

The smartest thing in all of Texas is Bethe. That’s what i believe. at the least whilst i'm lucid, like i'm lucid now. For then i will learn and imagine and say and dream and write issues down, issues I don’t even comprehend whilst the ants re-invade my frightening position and i've to fetch extra gasoline.
I burned down a device shed once.


By the top of the 4th day a few of us had changed into stars.
There are those that converse of this. Isaiah, for one, for he gave the Fallen Angel a reputation, he known as him the Morning celebrity. somewhere else he calls him the Defiant superstar, the insurgent Angel. And during this he's correct, in fact, although he won't comprehend the place or how or why: for to be an angel, you want to have fallen: defiant, rebellious. I may still know.

Angels have regularly been better to guy, yet no longer regularly not as good as divinity.
We have been all aspatial firstly, neither occupying house nor being enclosed by means of it nor containing it. We have been nowhere and in every single place, surrounded by way of not anything, suffusing every little thing, all million folks. We have been God’s engine of war.

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