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In a hotel city became internment camp, a feminine prisoner is brutally murdered

Before the warfare, the lodges of Vittel hosted the wealthiest individuals of French society. Now, within the iciness of 1943, of France’s most magnificent hotels were switched over into an internment camp for British and American girls who didn't break out the rustic whilst the German military stormed around the border. for 2 years, the prisoners have lived quietly, surviving on crimson move reduction applications, yet now they're commencing to die.


An American girl is located stabbed throughout the middle with a pitchfork. by the point inspectors Jean-Louis St-Cyr and Hermann Kohler arrive from Paris, rigor mortis and the February frost have frozen her good. In her wallet are Cracker Jacks and Hershey bars—bribes meant for one of many guards. To convey justice to Vittel, St-Cyr and Kohler must get to the bottom of the conspiracy that's on the middle of this luxury, based hell.

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